HTML entities in numeric order

Named HTML entities in numeric order

Below are the entities listed in numeric order with definition and ISO numeric code. CSS ‘content’ does not accept named entities or regular numeric entities such as @, but does render ASCII text and unicode.

If you want to replace the bullets in a bulleted list with a different character, perhaps a ♥ or · you would need to use the unicode entity rather than the named or numeric entity: use the hexadecimal entity.

li:before {content:”\2665″; text-indent: -10px;}

JavaScript Special Characters / Entities

If you want to include characters in JavaScript, the process is very similar to the CSS inclusion method, except : in JavaScript use octal-encoded characters without a preceding 0 instead of the HTML entity for the normal chars, and the hex character preceded by a \u for all other characters..

alert(‘M\351nage \340 trois.’)

通过» Javascript, CSS, and (X)HTML entities in numeric order :: CSS, JavaScript and XHTML Explained.

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